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    What kinds of missions can I take on?

    Take on all types of interesting and exciting missions. From gathering information about someone using the web, finding someone’s true location, following someone’s movements, to gathering photographic evidence of a targets actions in public. Bring excitement and purpose to your life by becoming a freelance investigator as your side hustle, or do it full time. Take on missions:

    • Local to where you live
    • Abroad in a foreign country
    • Remotely to clients anywhere in the world

    Whether you are a licensed investigator or an ordinary citizen, you’ll be able to sign-up to our site as a spy and take on missions from all over the world. Someone in the world needs your help. Bring your knowledge and skills to the table and help make our world more transparent.

    How do I choose the right Investigator?

    Start by posting your mission live to the site. Freelance investigators from all over the world will submit bids to take on your mission. Review each investigators profile and message them with any questions you might have. Evaluate an investigators:

    • Location relevant to your case
    • Previous experience, skills, qualifications, and feedback from previous clients
    • Compatability based on the initial conversations you have

    You’ll get all kinds of applicants and bids from all over the world. Choose the investigator that you feel comfortable with, then work out a price that works for both you and the investigator.

    How do I pay my Investigator?

    After hiring your investigator, you’ll need to upload a portion or the full amount for your mission. The funds will sit in escrow until you release them to your investigator. This helps to insure the investigator that you have funds available to pay them.

    You have the option to pay your investigator a fixed price or hourly. For hourly missions, your investigator can submit a weekly bill or at the end of the mission. For fixed-priced missions, you can release funds to your investigator as they complete each milestone listed.

    You’ll be able to:

    • Set timetables for your investigator to meet
    • Monitor your investigators progress with “open workspace”
    • Hold your funds safely in escrow
    • Release funds only upon successful completion of your mission

    Upload funds and pay with the following billing methods:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • PayPal

    Is it safe to list my mission and hire an investigator?

    We only have your best interest in mind and will never release private information to third parties. Your mission results and conversations will always remain private and will never be released to the public or press.

    All data on the site is SSL encrypted, which means all data passing through our site will remain private and integral.

    By hiring an investigator through the site, you’ll be able to mitigate your risk from investigators that deliver bogus results. The marketplace platform encourages competition, which ultimately bring your service costs down.

    Should there be a dispute between you and your investigator, we will be able to mediate and find a resolution between both parties, by determining if services were rendered or not.

    By using this site, you can hire investigators anywhere in the world safely and confidently.