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    Use MeetMySpy to obtain information or whereabouts of a particular person, organization, or tangibles goods. The site allows for anyone to search for and hire freelance investigators all over the world remotely. Ordinary people and licensed investigators are also able to provide investigation services or assist in finding information or solving problems. Anyone with adequate to extensive Internet researching skills will find that they can help to solve many problems that people have, as there are people all over the world in need of particular information about a person, organization, or tangible good.

    Post your Mission

    Start by posting your mission live to the site. Once live, freelancing investigators from all over the world will submit bids to your mission. Speak with different investigators and find the best fit for the job.

    Hire an Investigator

    Speak with several investigators and get to know who is the best match for your mission. Accept their bid amount and them through the website. You will be able to set milestones and terms prior to beginning the mission.

    Pay Upon Mission Success

    Once your investigator has successfully completed your mission, you can then release funds to the investigator and pay them through the site. Avoid hefty deposits and manage the mission by hiring them through the site.

    Our Vision

    We live in a fast-paced and complex world. The problems and issues that individuals and companies face these days require outside help. However, much of this help is difficult to find or sometimes out of reach. MeetMySpy provides the solution to accessing the resources needed to solve any case, anything from a simple background check to more complex investigations. We are the bridge to connecting people to freelance investigators anywhere in the world. As the world bands together to solve our issues of today. we envision a future of increased transparency and accountability in business and our personal lives.

    What we do

    Free to Use

    Post unlimited cases, search for freelance investigators, and receive case bids at no cost.

    Hire Anywhere

    Search for and hire freelance investigators anywhere in the world remotely from your computer.

    No Retainers

    Hold payment and funds in escrow and release upon successful completion of your mission or case.

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    High-rated freelance investigators

    Michele Gambino

    Michele Gambino is the owner and founder of Gambino Investigations based in New York City. Michele is highly connected and has contacts all over the Unites States. Her experience within the investigation industry encompasses 25 plus years. She specializes in surveillance, locating individuals, and investigating fraud and criminal cases.

    Chris Sherwin

    Chris Sherwin is the managing partner of VTS Investigations and is a current City Metropolitan of Illinois police officer. He holds memberships in the World Association of Detectives, National Council of Investigation and Security Services, and is a member of the Special Agents Association. Chris has honed his investigative skills and has over 27 years of experience in the public and private sector.

    Robert Deleno

    Robert Deleno is a New York State Licensed Private Investigator with over 35 years of investigative experience. He is a retired Executive Officer of Criminal Investigations for New Rochelle Police Department with specialty in major cases. He is also a Safety and security consultant for private and public sectors.

    MeetMySpy gives me peace of mind.

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